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Designers FREE. Inc. specializes in creating unique designs for product surfaces. It is our only professional work...and we think you'll agree that it's what we do best. 
Our complex, textured designs provide a distinctive surface and character for your products.
Our global market continues to grow each year through word-of-mouth from our satisfied customers and our international exhibitions. For detailed exhibition information, please click on "Exhibitions". It would be our pleasure to meet you and discuss your specific needs.

If you have questions or concerns or want to order our designs, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We look forward to serving you.

Designers FREE. Inc.
President : Tomoaki Sakaguchi
2nd kita-Umeda Bldg. 201,
Toyosaki 5-7-5, Kita-Ku,
Osaka, 531-0072 Japan
Tel : +81-6 - 6374 - 3360
Fax : +81-6 - 6376 - 3444
e-mail : free@d-free.jp
Website : http://www.d-free.jp